Intergrated IoT Solutions

Products & Solutions

AdvanWISE provides design and manufacturing service of wireless devices for fully integrated Industrial Internet of Thing solutions. Our products and solutions are specially developed to enable system integrators, engineering & consultancy companies, and businesses to deliver their reliable industrial Internet of Things (IoT) applications with minimum time to market.

  • Wireless LoRa Gateway

    Tri-Band IoT Gateways

    • Qualcomm IPQ4029 Platform
    • Integrated with long-range wireless technologies: LoRa, IEEE 802.11af Super Wi-Fi / 802.11ah Wi-Fi HaLow, 3G/LTE
    • Customizable with industrial I/O interfaces
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  • Wireless LoRa Technology

    LoRa Technology

    • LoRa Technology offers a mix of long range, low power consumption and secure data transmission for building IoT networks worldwide.
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  • Super Wi-Fi and Wi-Fi HaLow

    Super Wi-Fi / HaLow

    • Wi-Fi Technologies of IEEE 802.11af Super Wi-Fi and 802.11ah Wi-Fi HaLow operate at sub 1GHz bandwidth to enable long-range data transmission and with better penetration through walls and other physical barriers.
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  • Wireless LoRa Module

    Wireless RF Modules

    • Wireless LoRa IoT Module
    • Super Wi-Fi Module
    • Wi-Fi HaLow Module
    • Through our experienced and well-trained team of network experts, we offer reliable and highly effective services of product design integrated with wireless RF modules and manufacturing.
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  • LoRa Sensor Devices

    LoRa Sensor Devices

    • Wireless LoRa Sensor Hub
    • LoRa GPS Tracker
    • LoRa Air Quality Sensor
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  • Engineering Services

    Engineering Services

    • Provide customized HW & SW design
    • Design integrated RF solution
    • Offer a wide range of EMC/EMI services to seamlessly take your design from concept to final product

Industrial IoT Applications

AdvanWISE offers complete Internet of Things solutions integrated with hardware, software and cloud connection that help bring intelligence to your sensors and machines. We implement the latest wireless technologies to enable IoT communications over long-distance wireless communication networks for any industrial applications.

LoRa GPS solution enables location tracking of various assets, vehicles, people, and any other valuables. AdvanWISE’s GPS tracker comes with a rechargeable battery. It could detect if the unit is moving and collect location or GPS data via our wireless LoRa protocol which beneifts long range spread spectrum communication and high interference immunity whilst minimising the device's current consumption.
Low power, wide-area network (LPWAN) technology is best for monitoring environment; air, soil, and water quality as it can connect devices that need to stay in the field for an extended period of time and send small amounts of data over a long range. At AdvanWISE, we work closely with professional sensor makers to provide an end-to-end integrated solution of wireless LoRa with a diversity of sensors to enable an extensive range of IoT environmental monitoring applications.
LoRa network consumes less energy at the expense of having less bandwidth. With network scaleability, LoRa technology helps connect solar panels in a large-scale, and transmit solar radiation data from each solar panel in real time over an area coverage up to 10km.
Beneficial for energy saving purpose, this advanced Smart Power Metering solution will give you access to real-time electric usage for power measurement. We integrate our long-range wireless LoRa solution with power meter devices of high accuracy that can be applied to both low voltage primary side and/or medium/high voltage secondary side and enables the users to obtain reliable and accurate energy consumption readings from the monitored equipment in real time under operation.
PM2.5 Air Quality MonitoringAIR QUALITY MONITORING
AdvanWISE’s LoRa PM2.5 Sensor integrated with a Laser Dust (PM2.5) module for accurate measurement of Particulate Matter (PM) or the concentration of suspended particles per unit volume in the air. Such particles could be dust, dust spray, or soot which are emitted during the combustion of solid and liquid fuels for power generation, home heating, vehicle engines, etc.

Our Expertise

We have a highly experienced and capable engineering team with strong background in hardware and software development by utilizing the innovative wireless technologies including LoRa, Long-Range/High-Powered Wireless with industrial grade support for Internet of Thing solutions.


✔ Specialized in full embedded system expertise including digital and RF applications.
✔ Rich experience on different product application spectrums.
✔ High power radio, thermal , multi-band/mode design and verification.
✔ Full experience in radio certification.
✔ Good understanding to customer demands and provide customized solution promptly.

Technology Partners

We work closely with major wireless technology providers and IoT Ecosystem vendors to deliver fully integrated solutions for IoT projects.

LoRa IoT Ecosystem vendors

What's New

May 8-10, 2019 Secutech 2019, Taipei
Taipei World Trade Center Nangang Exhibition Hall 1, 4th.FL, Booth# 6115

Secutech 2019As the largest regional business platform for professionals in the security, mobility, building automation and fire safety solution sectors, Secutech is the annual gathering place for key players from Japan, Thailand, Vietnam, Malaysia, the Philippines, Singapore, Myanmar and other Southeast Asian countries looking for integrated security systems and smart solutions powered by AI analytics and IoT technologies.
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Mar 22, 2019 NEWRACOM & AdvanWISE Partner to Release World's First HaLow Products

IEEE 802.11ah HaLow Industrial GatewayNEWRACOM, a provider of IoT-enabled Wi-Fi SoC, and AdvanWISE, an IoT solutions provider of integrated hardware, software and cloud connection, have announced the world's first release of HaLow (IEEE 802.11ah-enabled) products, which will greatly impact the high-growth IoT industry.
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Mar 26-29, 2019 Smart City Summit & Expo 2019
Taipei Nangang Exhibition Center, Hall 1, Booth# I-427

IoT Tech Expo Nort America 2017The Taipei Smart City Summit & Expo is not only the platform for Taiwan ICT industry to present their smart city solutions, but also the biggest IoT applications exhibition in Asia.
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Nov 29-30, 2017 IoT Tech Expo North America 2017
Silicon Valley, USA
Santa Clara Convention Center, Stand# 406

IoT Tech Expo Nort America 2017The IoT Tech Expo will showcase the most cutting edge technologies from more than 300 exhibitors and provide insight from over 300 speakers sharing their unparalleled industry knowledge and real-life experiences. This year, it will highlight the most innovative advancements in technologies which are affecting IoT. There will be case studies covering the entire Internet of Things ecosystem including Smart Transportation & Cities, Developing for the IoT, Connected Industry, IoT in Enterprise, IoT Innovations & Technologies and Data & Security.
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Jun 30 - July 3, 2017 Taipei International Software Application Exhibition 2017
Taipei World Trade Center, Taiwan
DIGI+數位科技心世代 主題館, Stall# 3

TSE 2017The exhibition demonstrates innovative networking technologies and software applications to enable diversity of internet of thing applications across industries and enhance business intelligence and security. More details

Exhibition hall location
Pavillion and booth location
May 30 - Jun 3, 2017 Computex Taipei 2017
Taipei, Taiwan

Computex 2017The world’s leading B2B ICT/IoT (Internet of Things) trade show and developing into a global startup platform. COMPUTEX 2017 positions itself as Building Global Technology Ecosystems, also focusing on the main themes including IoT Applications, Innovations & Startups and Business Solutions.