Wireless LoRa Sensor Devices

LoRa Sensor Hub

  • The WISE-Link LoRa solution allows you to build your own LoRa network and provides the most flexibility to connect with more choices of industrial sensors to enable diverse IoT applications.
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    LoRa Sensor Controller

    LoRa Trackers / GPS Trackers

    • Tracking location of vehicles, factory assets, inventory, kids, elderly, pets & farm animals.
    • IP40/67 enclosure type with built-in / external antenna design
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      LoRa GPS Tracker

      Air Quality Sensors

      • Our Air Sensor device is integrated with a compensated Temperature/Humidity sensor and Laser Dust module for accurate measurement of Particulate Matter (PM) or the concentration of suspended particles per unit volume in the air.
      • IP65 wall-mount enclosure type
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        LoRa PM2.5 Air Quality Sensor