Wireless RF Modules

Wireless LoRa SiP Module Wireless LoRa Gateway Module (Mini PCI-e connector)
Module Photo Wireless LoRa SiP Module Wireless LoRa Gateway Module
CPU/MCU STM32L0 ARM Cortex-M0 STM ARM Cortex-M4 Processor
RAM 20KB 192+4KB
Flash 192KB 1MB
Wireless Standard LoRa Proprietary/ LoRaWAN LoRa Proprietary/ LoRaWAN
Frequency Band 863-870MHz
Channels Spreading Factor: 7 ~ 12 Spreading Factor: 7 ~ 12
Topology Star network Star network
Transmit Up to +18dBm Up to +18dBm
Receiver Up to -136dBm at SF = 12/125KHz Up to -136dBm at SF = 12/125KHz
RF Data Rate 50 kbps at FSK mode EU868 50 kbps at FSK mode EU868
21.9 kbps at SF7 mode US915 21.9 kbps at SF7 mode US915
Function End node Gateway
Antenna connector MHF connector
I/O Interface
UART 2 (one 4-wire, support RTS/CTS) -
CANbus - -
I2C 2 1
I2S - -
GPIO 10 -
PWM 1 -
SPI 1 -
ADC 4 -
USB 1 1, Host/OTG/Slave
Debug Port 1 1
Power Supply 3.3V 3.3V
Power Consumption TBC TBC
Operation Temperature -40 ~ 85° C -40 ~ 85° C
Operating Humidity 5% ~ 95% Relative Humidity,
5% ~ 95% Relative Humidity,
Dimensions (W x L x D) 13 x 11 x 1.1 mm 50 x 55 x 3.4mm
Weight <3g < 15g
Operating System mbed OS mbed OS
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An Ideal Technology for Building IoT Networks Worldwide

Wireless LoRa - a long range, low power wireless RF technology is being integrated into sensor devices, cars, street lights, manufacturing equipment, and anything. This enables IoT communications for any industrial use, via connections between remote end-points, picocells and gateways. The collected information will be then transmitted to the Cloud for delivery to mobiles and systems for further analysis.

  • Agriculture and Farms

    • Monitor plant & soil moisture and nutrients
    • Control water usage, and determine custom fertilizer profiles based on soil chemistry.
    • Monitor livestock / identify sick animals from the herd.

  • Smart Cities & Building

    • Monitor parking spaces available in a city/building
    • Enable smart traffic lights that sense traffic and coordinate light timing to better route automobiles and pedestrians
    • Well maintain street light systems to reduce energy usage

  • Environment

    • Monitor water quality, air quality, noise and various environmental parameters online and automatically

  • Metering and Energy

    • Extend smart meting reach and enable utility companies to receive information over much longer distances
    • Connect more nodes for control and communication in the case of outages.

  • Logistics & Supply Chain

    • Track vehicle and manage supply chain with asset tracking & monitor condition
    • Detect the opening and closing of the containers’ doors, monitor the temperature of heat-sensitive cargo, and provide real-time information and automated alerts on cargo status

  • Industrial Monitoring

    • Access to near real-time data, including alerts, alarms, advanced analytics and reporting for comprehensive industrial IoT use cases - noise monitoring, vehicle tracking, man down/call for help, asset moniotring, tank level monitoring, flood alert, and more.