Long-Range Wireless Technologies

Wireless LoRa

LoRa is an innovative wireless radio technology for building IoT networks. The technology offers a mix of long range for greater coverage, low power consumption and secure data transmission over both public and private networks. It is easy to plug into the existing infrastructure and offers a solution to serve battery-operated IoT applications.

    • Key features of LoRa Technology
    • Long Range
      Single base station provides deep penetration in dense urban/indoor regions, plus connects rural areas up to 10 kilometers away
    • Low Power
      Protocol designed specifically for low power consumption extending battery lifetime
    • Low Cost
      Reduces costs three ways: infrastructure investment, operating expenses and end-node sensors
    • Secure
      Embedded end-to-end AES128 encryption
    • High Capacity
      Supports up to thousands of sensor nodes, ideal for public network operators serving many customers

LoRa in Private Networks and Vertical Solutions

Not only for public network, LoRa also enables to deploy a private network which is often needed in IoT applications. The technology is ideal for developers, integrators and businesses to build thier own network and enable their vertical solution.

  • Customer owns, installs and administrates his private network across his buildings and campuses
  • Connects end node devices, sensors, machines inside the Intranet
  • Compatible with public networks when available
  • Strengthen/complement a public network in harsh industrial environments

Super Wi-Fi

Super Wi-Fi is using TV broadcast or so-called ‘White Space’ spectrum which are unused and available in nearly every location in the world to offer cost-effective wireless broadband connectivity in rural areas and for machine-to-machine communications.

Advantages of Super Wi-Fi

  • Greater Distances
    In typical applications, a Super Wi-Fi signal at the same power level can easily travel 400 meters and with higher power can cover many kilometers, while only 100 meters coverage with a strong Wi-Fi signal.
  • Deep Penetration
    Super Wi-Fi can overcome the limits of common obstructions from physical settings or topographical challenges such as concrete walls, many rooms in a building, and heavy foliage in rural areas. These could weaken the wireless signal for Internet connection.
  • Greater Efficiencies
    Covering a longer and wider range with approximately the same power and computing requirements results in systems that will deliver more bandwidth and more consumer benefits at lower network costs and lower power consumption. The spectrum utilization continues to grow new enhancements will emerge including “Internet of things” and ubiquitous machine to machine communication.

Super Wi-Fi

Wi-Fi vs Super Wi-Fi

Specifications Wi-Fi Super Wi-Fi
Distance coverage 100 meters 400 meters, can extend upto 8 Kms and above
Wall penetration Lower Higher (i.e. deeper), TV white space frequencies penetrate more deeper
compared to wifi signal through more walls and obstacles
Standard IEEE 802.11a/b/g/n/ac/ad IEEE WLAN 802.11af , 802.22 WRAN
Data Rate 100 Mbps (11n) to Gbps (11ad) 25 Mbps (11af) to 40 Mbps(11ah)
Frequency of Operation 2.4 GHz and 5 GHz Operates in TV bands 470MHz to 698 MHz in the U.S., or 470 to 786 MHz internationally.
NLOS performance Good better than wifi as it uses lower TV white space frequencies
Network Cost Higher Lower
Power Consumption Higher Lower
Bandwidth Lower Higher
Applications Internet or data communication same as wifi but at higher speed and deeper in the rooms where
wifi signal is not available

The IEEE 802.11 Wi-Fi Standards

The IEEE 802.11 Wi-Fi Standards

Industrial Use Cases

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