Long-Range Wireless Technologies

WISE-Link LoRa for Service Providers, Businesses and Industries

LoRa is an innovative wireless radio technology for building IoT networks. The technology offers a mix of long range for greater coverage, low power consumption and secure data transmission over both public and private networks. It is easy to plug into the existing infrastructure and offers a solution to serve battery-operated IoT applications.

Private network deployment is often needed in IoT applications esepcially for businesses and industries that are concerned about privacy and security for their data protection.

Build Your Own LoRa Network

WISE-Link LoRa solution is ideal for users to implement IoT applications over their own network infrastucture.

  • Customers own, install and administrate their private network across their buildings and campuses
  • Connect end node devices, sensors, machines inside the Intranet
  • Compatible with public networks when available

Long Range Transmission

LoRa supports long range communication link that connects devices up up to 30 km. apart in rural areas. It is also great at penetrating in dense urban or deep indoor environments.

WISE-Link Wireless LoRa

Lower Network Cost

WISE-Link LoRa is the all-in-one solution that allows Service Provider, Businesses or Industries to enable LoRa network by leveraging their existing network infrastructure.

Not only providing the best lexibility of data integration under their own management, the solution could also solve their concerns of security by having 100% in-house control of data privacy.

WISE-Link Wireless LoRa
WISE-Link LoRa for Service Provider to enable their IoT applications over a long distance in remote areas.
WISE-Link Wireless LoRa
All-in-one WISE-Link Gateway enables LoRa connection without Internet access.
WISE-Link Wireless LoRa
WISE-Link solution provides the best flexibility of data integration and more choices of sensors to support more IoT applications for businesses.

The IEEE 802.11 Wi-Fi Standards

802.11af / 802.11ah Wi-Fi Standards

IEEE 802.11ah Wi-Fi HaLow

Wi-Fi HaLow is targeted at IoT markets including smart home and office, connected car, digital healthcare, smart farm, and smart grid industries. HaLow products operate at sub 1GHz bandwidth and enable long-range data transmission with low power consumption. It boasts a higher data rate up to 15Mbps and connects thousands of devices on a single access point.

  • Longer Range
    Wi-Fi HaLow operates in frequency bands below 1 GHz, offering longer range, lower power connectivity to Wi-Fi CERTIFIED™ products.
  • Better Penetration
    Operating in a lower part of the spectrum, Wi-Fi HaLow can penetrate walls and other physical barriers better than the 2.4/5GHz Wi-Fi bands
  • Low Power Consumption
    Wi-Fi HaLow extends the Wi-Fi suite of standards into those applications where has power resource contraint and need battery-powered products, such as sensors and wearables.

Wi-Fi Halow

802.11ah compared with other LPWA technology transmission distances and transmission rates. (Source: Newracom)

IEEE 802.11af Super Wi-Fi

Super Wi-Fi is using TV broadcast or so-called ‘White Space’ spectrum which are unused and available in nearly every location in the world to offer cost-effective wireless broadband connectivity in rural areas and for machine-to-machine communications.

  • Greater Distances
    In typical applications, a Super Wi-Fi signal at the same power level can easily travel 400 meters and with higher power can cover many kilometers, while only 100 meters coverage with a strong Wi-Fi signal.
  • Deep Penetration
    Super Wi-Fi can overcome the limits of common obstructions from physical settings or topographical challenges such as concrete walls, many rooms in a building, and heavy foliage in rural areas. These could weaken the wireless signal for Internet connection.
  • Greater Efficiencies
    Covering a longer and wider range with approximately the same power and computing requirements results in systems that will deliver more bandwidth and more consumer benefits at lower network costs and lower power consumption. The spectrum utilization continues to grow new enhancements will emerge including “Internet of things” and ubiquitous machine to machine communication.

Super Wi-Fi

Wi-Fi Specification

Specifications Super Wi-Fi Wi-Fi HaLow
Standard IEEE 802.11af IEEE WLAN 802.11ah
Data Rate 25 Mbps 40 Mbps
Frequency of Operation 470-698 MHz (US),
470-786 MHz (internationally)
902-928 MHz (US),
863-868 MHz (EU),
917.5-923.5 MHz (KR),
916.5-927.5 MHz (JP)

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